Copper U Bends

One of largest manufacturers in TP2 copper u bends and C bend fittings, 1.6/1.8 mm brazing rings avaiable.

Copper Return Bends

Professional copper return bends manufacturer in China, used for a/c coils and plumbing industries.

Cu Tripod Fittings

Competitive copper tripod and cu crossover bend fittings offered, CE and RoHS approval in quality.

Cross Over Bend

High quality copper cross over bend & cu top open fitting for a/c coils, regular 5/16" and 3/8" sizes.

FCU Brass Distributor

Top FCU brass water distributor & water cooler tank connector supplier, copper brazing forged brass body.

  • Copper U Bends

    Manufactured from high quality TP2 copper tube materials, our Copper U Bends are designed to …

  • Air Conditioner Valves

    Available in sizes 1/4” to 7/8”, this Three-Way Air Conditioner Service Valve has a smooth …

  • Brass Flare Unions

    Available in varying sizes to suit all copper tubing and pipeline connections. CNC machined in …

  • Copper Connectors

    Designed to prevent leaking issues in commercial cooling systems and a/c units, Refrigeration copper 4-Way …

  • Copper Filter Drier

    Used with commercial refrigerator, air conditioning system, freezer & compressor unit, Refrigeration copper filter driers …

  • Brass Flare Nuts

    Brass Flare Nuts are specifically designed to protect pipe joints, flared joints, and A/C valve …

  • Freon Access Valves

    Available in vertical and horizontal options to complement a wide range of commercial ac units …

  • Copper Return Bends

    Designed for use with a wide range of commercial air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, heat …

  • Copper U Bends: More items

Copper Return Bends & Cu U Bend Fittings

Professional Copper Return Bends & Cu U Bend Fittings Manufacturer in China
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    Competitive Prices

    Manufactured in 99.90% cu TP2 as per ASTM B280 Alloy C12200, competitive prices offering as per LME copper price, the producing capacity about 3,000,000 pieces in a month, CE or RoHS approval in quality & OEM order available upon requests.

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    Quality Inspection

    Fully compliant under ISO9001 quality certificate system, each prodct will be undergone strict inspections by our QC & RD team to be a acceptable tolerance range, and has a cleaned surface finish with zero defects before making shipment.

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    Prompt Delivery

    We cater for the requirements of customers all over the world, and have the necessary capacity and framework in place to mass-produce products quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality, prompt delivery made to close partners.

Copper Fittings & A/C Parts Manufacturer

How To Improve Quality of Copper U Bend Fittings & Split Air Conditioning Parts

Our service to our customers has always been the cornerstone of our success and this does not stop at the production of our products, it is inherent throughout the entire process from the initial enquiry through to the delivery of the goods - and beyond. As manufacturers of air conditioning copper parts, refrigeration, heating and plumbing parts such as copper u-bends and copper return bends, we are aware that our customers require a bespoke approach and special levels of support throughout the process.

We work with customers all over the world, delivering high quality parts that have been produced using precise manufacturing machines and utilising our highly trained and dedicated professional staff. Through our mass production lines we can meet the expectations of even our largest customers, quickly and accurately. Our testing ensures that all parts meet the required specifications.

We are able to produce a huge range of copper fittings including copper u-bends, copper return bends, air conditioning copper fittings, brass flare fittings and more and all at a competitive price. While we specialise in fittings for the air conditioning and plumbing sector, we are happy to discuss all needs, even if they fall outside of this list.

  • ASTM B280 Alloy No 12200 TP2 99.9% raw material.
  • Precision material tempering for soft drawn, half-hard etc.
  • Manufacturing processes designed to meet international standards.
  • Packing in poly bags, then careful box and pallet for secure delivery.
  • Each inspected and quality controlled to ensure 100% functionality.

More Details...

We operate and manufacture our offerings under the umbrella of ISO9001 quality certification systems, and the majority of our products are also manufactured to and approved under RoHS and CE standards. Every item that we produce is strictly checked and inspected before despatch to ensure it falls within the allowable parameters for HVAC system appliances, and to guarantee optimum quality.

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